Friday, November 21, 2008

Show 60 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to my guest Mr. Michael Carroll from the UHC Medicare Solutions website. (see video post above) The topic of Medicare is very complicated and I think he did a great job explaining the site and the information that could be found on it. I, on the other hand, feel that I possibly could have done a better job at interviewing. Don't know why, but did feel nervous beforehand. Maybe it was because it was a different type of interview than I've done in the past. Who knows. (Download show 60 here)

Following the interview, thanks to Enrico, MJRN, and Kim for calling in and making the show entertaining for me and for those in the live chat room. Did announce that not only is Enrico hosting Grand Rounds in two weeks, he will also be guest hosting my show in two weeks. Meanwhile, I will be a guest on The Guys Podcast in two weeks. Thanks to Enrico for stepping in for the hosting duties.

Also, I was happy to announce that Kim will also be guest hosting my show - probably in January sometime. So, I'm very happy that the show is going to be branching out and welcoming guest hosts. This will add a whole new dimension to the show - and hopefully more engaging, entertaining, and informative for you.

Finally, also wanted to announce that there will be a Podcamp Ohio show on December 11th. And, The Doctor Anonymous Christmas show will be December 18th. I have some ideas in my head on the show format. Plus, finding possible guests for the show will also be fun. But, for now, Happy Thanksgiving next week to all my USA readers/listeners. There will be no show next week. The next show will be December 4th with Enrico. Have a great weekend!

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