Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ladies Week on Dr. A Show

Tomorrow, I'm off to Dallas for a conference the rest of this week. Want to keep track of my travel adventures? Then, make sure to subscribe to my twitter feed. I'll be sending twitters in route to the airport, at the airport, during my lay over, and finally when I get to my destination. I mean, hey, you need something to distract you from work tomorrow. Why not hang out with me!

This is a very special week at The Doctor Anonymous Show. From my Dallas hotel's internet connection, I plan to have five shows in four days this week. What am I nuts? Probably.

It is Ladies Week on the show! On November 5th at 9pm eastern time, I'm happy to welcome Kat who is host of "The Llanview Lowdown" on BlogTalkRadio. She is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. In addition, she is a survivor of Hodgkin's Disease. We'll talk about this how it has changed and guided her life.

Then, in our usual Thursday night time slot, on November 6th at 9pm eastern time, we welcome Mimi Lenox who is founder of the BlogBlast for Peace movement. Her blog is called Mimi Writes and there she describes what the movement is all about. You may remember that Mimi appeared last year on the show as one of the first guests on the show. It will be great to talk with her again. I encourage my blog friends to look at getting a peace globe for yourself and place it on your blog on Thursday.

In a special Friday night show, on November 7th at 9pm eastern time, we welcome Kim from the blog called As The Pump Turns. She is a very active member of the new media medicine community. She is currently a dialysis tech, but is currently also a first year nursing student. We'll talk about her blog and how it's going in school at this point.

Finally, to culminate things, on Saturday, November 8th, I'll be having two shows. The first will be at 7pm eastern time and run for 30 minutes. I'll be reviewing my week in Dallas and talk about anything else that comes up. Then, I'll be checking out the 2 hour broadcast from the Annie and Burl Live show where they will be emceeing a breast cancer benefit in Illinois by the Motorsports 1 in 8 foundation.

Following this two hours, I'll be broadcasting my second 30 minute show at 9:30pm eastern time until the top of the hour. That is when Annie and Burl will start another two hour broadcast from the benefit event. I know this sounds confusing. Basically, they are broadcasting for four hours and I will have a quick show during their intermission.

It's been interesting watching the Twitter today and the election tweets come through. It is the early afternoon as I post this. It will be very interesting seeing what happens as the evening unfolds. Me? Well, I think I'll be going to bed early. My flight leaves early tomorrow. I think I know who's gonna win anyway. Happy Election Day!

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