Saturday, November 29, 2008

Addicted to Medblogs Interview

If you haven't checked out the blog called Addicted to Medblogs, you definitely have to. The blog profile states, "I am a bored attorney who spends too much time reading medblogs at work." And, it's been around for about as long as my blog has been around.

One of the many entertaining features are the interviews with prominent bloggers in New Media Medicine. MBA (MedBlogAddict) calls the featured interviews "calendar docs." I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got the e-mail that I would be the November Calendar Doc. You can see from my picture up there twittering that MBA caught me at a good time to have an interview.

And, what an interview! Played 20 questions - literally - Well actually not, there were more than 20 questions. But, these were the most hard hitting, thought provoking, insightful questions that I have ever been asked. So, you definitely have to check out my Dr. November post over at Addicted to Medblogs. Thanks so much for asking me to do this. It was really fun! (Comments turned off here. Leave all comments over there - hehe)

Update: Thanks so much to Annie and Burl Live for talking about my interview on their show November 29, 2008. The discussion on this starts near the end of the show at about 1 hour 38 minutes into the show. You can also download the entire show here or listen using the player above.