Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dr. A Show 58: Intermission

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Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at 9:30pm Eastern Time

For my final show from Dallas this week, I'm helping to pitch in for a great cause. Our BTR buddies, Annie and Burl, are going to be emceeing a breast cancer fundraising event for the "1 in 8 Motorsports Foundation." The event itself takes place all day in Crystal Lake, Illinois. For more details on this (including the musical acts who will be performing), I encourage you to check out this link on their website.

My show is going on at 9:30pm Eastern Time. They will broadcast two hours before my show, and then two hours after my show. I'm just hoping to continue the momentum from their first two hour broadcast and continue that into their next two hour broadcast. What will I be talking about? Well, basically, I'll be talking about their first two hour broadcast, and hopefully taking some of your phone calls about how much fun you're having during their event. And, if I can pull them away from the bar, hopefully Annie and/or Burl will call in during their intermission.

I also wanted to recognize a few other BTR hosts who are helping with the event. MarQ, who called into my Friday night show, is launching a new BTR show called Katie 80. He will be broadcasting at 6pm eastern time. And, my buddy Buzzworthy Radio, whose family has been affected by breast cancer, will be broadcasting at 5pm eastern time. Finally, Dr. Blogstein from the Radio Happy Hour contributed items to the silent auction for Sat nite's event. This is BTR coming together for a great cause. See you tonight for the show!

Update: Thanks to those of you out there who were able to join me tonight for Show 58. (You can listen to the show above on the player. And/or you can download the show by clicking here.) We had a great time just hanging out. I talked a little bit about breast cancer during the show. And, about half way through this short 30 min show, Burl called in to give us an update. The show closed with a conversation with RockDog.

I also encourage you to listen to the show by BuzzWorthy Radio. He tells the story on his show of how breast cancer hit close to home to him. Great job Buzzy. Also doing a special show tonight was Marq who premiered a new show called Katie 80. Congrats to Annie and Burl for all your work on this project. I was glad to pitch in - even just a little bit.

Finally, I'm on my way home tomorrow from Dallas. Keep track of my travels on my Twitter account. It was a great time away from home and away from work. But, it's definitely time to head home and to get back to real life. Thanks to all of you out there for supporting my shows this week from Dallas. I really appreciate it!

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