Monday, November 24, 2008

New Media Medicine & 2009 Economy

GeekBrief.TV #468 from Cali Lewis on Vimeo.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear from new media medicine people is this - "How is anyone going to make any money at this gig?" We use buzz words like "monetization" and "search engine optimization." Actually, other people really knows what those terms mean. I use them to try to sound smart at the new media parties hehe

Anyway, with the economic downturn that we're in now, is this a bad time to be in the new media medicine industry? Actually not, says, tech and new media guru Leo Laporte on this edition of GeekBrief TV. Leo is probably the most well known in tech podcast circles. He does audio podcasts as well as live video streaming while recording his podcasts.

In this interview, he discusses the opportunity we have right now to get ready for when the economy turns upward. What can we do right now? First, of course, ride out this downturn. But, second, this is the time to try to build audience. Because, if you have or will seek advertising, when things turn upward, you want to have a good group of readers, listeners, subscribers to present to potential advertisers when ad dollars come back to new media. I encourage you to check out the video above to at least give you an inside glimpse of new media.

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Anonymous said...

Corporate greed caused the current economic situation.

In a nut shell, corporate greed caused the imbalance leading to the current economic situation. While corporations steadily decreased quality of products & services, to make higher and higher profits, they steadily increased prices until they priced themselves right out of the market of what the middle class income could afford or the price we were willing to pay for junk.

In the past, if you were able paid a little more, you usually got a better quality product but, NOT ANY MORE. Weather you pay a higher price or not, you still get junk. Say you decide to spend more on a shirt or dress thinking this time maybe I'll get my moneys worth and it will last a little longer but, again NO SUCH LUCK. You take it home, wear it and the first time you launder it or send it to the cleaners, it either falls apart, shrivels up or all the buttons fall off. If you buy a vacuum cleaner or electronic device and it actually works when you get it home, with poor quality parts, it only lasts for half the life things use to or until right after the warranty runs out. Then if you are lucky enough to have purchased something that lasts that long and lucky enough to get a live person, who speaks some form of understandable English, to help you with parts or service, they tell you the product is obsolete and parts and service are no longer available. It's all becoming disposable crap designed to make you have to purchase the same product again and again.

Service? Ha, that's another joke I could fill a page with but, won't as we all know how thetas been going. Besides what I mentioned above, we all know, you can always seem to find the person to take your money in a store or pay your bill in a restaurant but, have a question or need something and no-one can be found. If you are able to corner someone, they haven't a clue or are just standing around on their cell phone waiting to collect their paycheck. It's sad that we now have to pay that price, for the extra buck companies make by hiring new people at minimum wage rather than keeping the conscientious hard working employee that will get my return business or when they think eye candy rather than service, is more important.

One way the government may be able to help the economy might be for them to step in and put a cap on the percentage of profit companies can make on products and services according to a standard or on the actual cost of what it takes to produce a product, to restore a balance. Unless something is done or some sort of minimum standards are set, nothing will change. The average American citizen is a lot smarter than you give us credit for and we're fed up with way things have gotten so, wise up.

We also need to oust the evil that has taken over our media and reinstall morals, ethics, honesty, pride and honor in a hard days work back into our children. Even if it takes a light flop on the butt now and then to get their attention. Yes, a flop on the butt. There is a big difference between abuse and discipline and a light pat on the hand or butt, done thru love, never hurt anyone. Children that grow up feeling unloved with no structure or discipline in their lives are usually the ones who grow up selfish and self centered with no respect for their elders, or anyone for that matter and are more likely to be the ones to kill policemen, their parents, fellow students or bully, berate and badger someone else into that state of mind. We are tired of people who were never around or have never raised a child telling us how to do it, when we already know mild punishment, now and then, for wrong doing or bad behavior, along with plenty of love is a lot better than raising children with no manors who grow up to be animals with no respect for themselves or live in general.
Most of us are not asking for a lot. We just want what greed and the selfish will of a few have taken away from us. We want our children, quality of life and value for our money returned to us. And, some of us would also appreciate a warm place to have a darn cigarette in peace if it makes us happy and we choose to. That's all.