Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Show 60 Preview

This week, The Doctor Anonymous Show is going to have a little different conversation. Instead of interviewing a blogger or podcaster, we'll be talking about the issue of Medicare - which is a pretty complicated subject. If you know completely nothing about the subject and need a quick thumbnail sketch of things, I recommend this link from WebMD.

Our guest this week will be Mr. Michael Carroll whose title is Vice President - Portfolio Marketing at Ovations which is part of UnitedHealth Group. We're going to be talking about a new website called - and this shows UnitedHealth Group Medicare products and services including Medicare Advantage, Part D prescription drug and Medicare Supplement products.

This is a key time for companies with Medicare Advantage products. Why? Because between November 15th (last Saturday) and December 31st, this is the best time to change to a Medicare Advantage plan from a different company. So, until the end of the year, those in the Medicare demographic will see a lot of media out there trying to get people to switch their Medicare product.

Now, I want to make this clear. By having this guest on, I am in no way saying that I am endorsing or not endorsing this product over other Medicare products. I want to thank Luke Armour who contacted me about having Mr. Carroll on to talk about his product. Luke was formerly with BlogTalkRadio and has known my show since its beginnings. I think this is a unique opportunity for me to have a completely different conversation that is new to the show.

So, join us for Show Number 60 on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 9pm Eastern Time. Following our conversation, I have some notes about Medicare I might talk about. And, I have a HUGE announcement that I'm going to share about a Dr. A Show coming up in December. So, you have to catch that. You can also participate in the live interactive chat room, you can call into the show to ask a question, and you can even see my shining face on the live web cam. Exciting, I know. See you for the show!

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