Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doctors' Diaries on PBS

The year was 1987 and seven newly minted medical students started their journey to becoming a doctor. I was in high school when the first part of this documentary first aired. I remember it well. I was still unsure whether I wanted to even consider medicine as a career.

I mean, back then, my friends and I were just documenting our silly lives on old video tape. Remember this video I posted at Christmas? Anyway, the original airing of this PBS special really impacted me. And, in fact, I do remember thinking about what my first day of medical school would be like. I think I made a VHS recording of this show and played it back right before med school.

Anyway, a reunion show is going to take place tonight on PBS. Check out the Doctors' Diaries link on the NOVA website. Also check out the video above for a sneak peak preview of tonight's part one episode. Who knows? I may even share some of my own thoughts on this on The Doctor Anonymous Show this week.


Anonymous said...

Loved watching the Doctors' Diaries! It was fascinating. Not to mention very moving. I'm assuming that Part 2 is tonight?

Dr. A said...

Hi Joanne - I still have it recorded at home and will watch tomorrow. I think on the website that part 2 is next week. Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

You can watch part 2 on the NOVA website. I watched and it was really depressing. This is coming from a 1st year medical student. :(