Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Guys Podcast

Wonder what I'm like on another podcast? Well, here is your chance to find out. My first in person experience with The Guys Podcast was at Podcamp Ohio. You can see the highlights of their live podcast from Podcamp in the video above. Their podcast talks about tech news, sci-fi, video games, movie reviews, and whatever else comes up during the show.

They graciously asked me to sit in as a guest panelist on show number 58. You can listen to the podcast above in the player. Or, you can download the file here and listen anytime. As you will hear in the podcast, I was really unprepared (who does show prep?). I just tried to throw out some jokes and punchlines. You be the judge on how I was as a guest instead of the host.

I have to share with all of you that I really feel bad because I messed up in the recording of my audio portion of the podcast. I used "skype recorder" to record the audio. But apparently, they wanted me to only record my voice only - and skype recorder apparently can record all the audio streams. Brad (the awesome editor of the show) had to kind of put all the audio streams, which meant splicing my audio feed in between the other streams to make it sound great.

My explanation here probably did not make any sense but, I have to say sorry to the TGP guys for not following proper podcast etiquette - bummer. Thanks again to The Guys Podcast for giving me the opportunity to hang out with them! Don't forget to listen to the very end where the outtakes are!

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