Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. A Show 93: Swine Flu

PodCamp Ohio, June 20, 2009

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Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 9pm Eastern Time

On this week's Doctor Anonymous Show, we will be talking about Podcamp Ohio 2 which will be taking place on Saturday, June 20, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. In checking out their website, it looks like the registration has been going well. There are already about 130 registrants. In addition, the number of sessions is continuing to grow as well. I know what you're going to say. I haven't registered for either yet. Yeesh! I'll get around to it eventually - hehe. (Oh, by the way, did you see how close I am to 2000 twitter followers? Maybe you can help me go over the top lol)

Of course, the major medicine/health news story this week is the swine flu. I've heard a lot of questions at the office and around town about it. As I've been catching up on my blog reading, I've seen that our buddy KevinMD has been using a live blogging service to do a little Q&A on his site. And, people like Enoch Choi have also been doing some web based Q&A. What do you think of that? If there is time on the show, I'll talk about these topics as well.

If you are new to the show, I encourage you to catch us live. There is a great chat room that also goes on. You can even see my shining face on the webcam. In addition, you can call into the show to say hello. Can't catch us live? That's ok. You can listen anytime after the show as it is saved as a podcast so you can listen later.

For first time Blog Talk Radio listeners:
*Although it is not required to listen to the show, I encourage you to register on the BlogTalkRadio site prior to the show. I think it will make the process easier.

*To get to my show site, click here. As show time gets closer, keep hitting "refresh" on your browser until you see the "Play/Chat" button. Then, of course, press the "Play/Chat" button.

*You can also participate in the live chat room before, during, and after the show. Look for the green "Chat Now" button. If you are registered with the BTR site, your registered name and picture will appear in the chat room.

*You can also call into the show. The number is on my show site. If you have a headset microphone, you can "call" into the show by looking for the "Click To Talk" button at the top of the chat box to try out the BTR VoIP option. Hope these tips are helpful!

Update: What a difference a few hours makes. In just the past few hours before show time, I received a lot of questions about my observations on the swine flu and the media response to this. So, in order to be responsive to you the Dr. A reader and listener to the podcast, I have changed the title of this evening's show. We'll still talk about Podcamp Ohio first, but then, I'll leave a lot more time to talk about the swine flu this evening. Hope you can join the show live!

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