Friday, April 10, 2009

Show 89 Wrap-up: Medbloggers at 2009 BWE/NME

Thanks to Kim and Dr. Val for being guests on Dr. A Show 89 (You can listen on the player above. Or, you can download the show here and listen anytime. Also check out my video post above as well).

We talked with Kim first about how she got involved with this project. If you didn't already know, it was Kim's rant on her blog that caught the attention of Blog World Expo. At the 2008 BWE, there was a brainstorming session of possible topics for presentations. Kim put these topics on the blog and people voted on them. The final list is below:

*The State of the Health Blogosphere: We've Come A Long Way, Baby
*Staying On The Good Side of HIPAA: Safe and Ethical Blogging Practices
*Blogging For Change: How To Influence Healthcare Through Blogging
*The Value of Blogs To Hospitals, Industry, and News Organizations

Dr. Val has been contacting prospective panelists for these topics. And, she invited me not only to be a part of the panel, she asked me to moderate one of the panels, which I'm very excited about!

In the coming months, I hope to contact some of the panelists to possibly have them come on the show. I'm also hoping to have representatives from the sponsors of the medblogger programming track - Johnson & Johnson and MedPage Today - to come on the show as well.

Also to let you know, my skype connection cut out early in the interview. So, if you hear some silence in part of the podcast, that's what happened. I even extended the show a little bit - because we were having so much fun! In addition, I had a little post show party on my ustream site. So, thanks so much to those who hung out with me for almost three hours - WOW! Have a great weekend everybody!

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