Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Media Medicine at BlogWorld

It was really great seeing the twitters and blog posts from my pals out there at Blog World Expo this past weekend. Big shout out to Emergiblog for the blog update and to Dr. Val for the twitter updates. That's a great pic above. According to Kim, here are the people above, "From left to right: Rob Halper, our friend from Johnson & Johnson, Beth (PixelRN), Me (when I’m not doubling as my Lego alter-ego), and Dr. Val. In the back, the one and only Shane and Dr. Val’s friend John (Mr. Dr. Val was taking the picture!)."

Did you know that Dr. Val was interviewed by BlogTalkRadio while at the expo? And, that she is going to have her own BlogTalkRadio show soon? Yeesh, I fear that I will be blown away by the Dr. Val tsunami when she starts on BTR. Oh well. Thanks, though, for mentioning my show during your BTR interview. Want to listen? Click here and check it out.

Mark your calenders now - all of you who are friends of New Media Medicine. The dates for next year are October 15-17, 2009 for Blog World Expo. And, if you didn't already know, there will be an entire medblogger track - the first of its kind at a national new media convention. I'm very excited about that. I'll be curious about how the schedule is put together and the speakers that the organizers obtain for the convention.

I hope to read more experiences from 2008 Blog World from those who attended - especially the luncheon sponsored by Johnson & Johnson - the topic of which was supposed to be about new media medicine and medblogging. Let us know how that went. I'm curious about the reception to this topic by those who attended - particularly corporate America.


Mary said...

Yea, that looked like it was tons of fun... And Val on BTR?? Awesome! You'd better hope she doesn't schedule her shows on thursday nights!! ;) You'd be in trouble then! j/k! But that's way awesome! And next year sounds like it'll be awesome! I think vijay said that if bongi would try to come, so would he. That'd be amazing, yah? How cool would that be if all of us could go?? That'd be amazing! We should try for 100% attendance next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. A - well, my BTR show is not imminent. After all, I'm currently homeless! (In fact, I asked to be interviewed so I could plug the Dr. A show, and the interviewer assumed I was going to create a BTR show though I hadn't actually said that. Now I feel pressured to do it so as not to let him down!) But for now, I'm happy to be a guest... :)

Your groupie, Val