Thursday, September 25, 2008

Show 50 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Dr. Jeffrey Parks from the Buckeye Surgeon blog. Missed the show? Well, you can always catch the archive of The Doctor Anonymous Show 50 (don't forget to rate the show). In addition to surgical topics, we talked about how he started out as an anonymous blogger. And, in the past few months, he decided to use his real name and picture up on his blog. (See video post above)

Thanks also go out to those who called into the show including Bongi (a surgeon from South Africa where it was 3:30am when he called in), Vijay (a radiologist from India where it was about 8am local time when he called in), Ramona, Enrico, and Mother Jones who called in at the end of the show. I admit that I had a little difficult time hearing Bongi live. So, I'll have to listen to the archived show again.

At the end of the show, I talked about a possible Doctor Anonymous Halloween Show at the end of October. I'm thinking that would be fun, but not sure exactly how the show would be structured. Maybe we can talk about that as the date gets closer. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comment section.

Finally, I'm cancelling the blogtalkradio show next week. I'm scheduled to play soccer doc and when I would be back home at Dr. A world headquarters is unpredictable. I'm considering doing something like broadcasting from my ustream channel when I get home - maybe put out there on Twitter when I would be broadcasting. Still unsure yet. However, if you're not subscribed yet to my twitter account - Do it! It's a great time. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Dr. A,
thank you so so so much! i didnt even know about the archive of The Doctor Anonymous Show 50!
I'm sorry i wish you weren't canceling the blogtalkradio show next week

Good luck,