Friday, September 05, 2008

Show 47 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Emily McGee from Crzegrl, Flight Nurse for being on the Show Number 47 (Don't forget to rate the show and to make it a "favorite").

If you missed this show live, you definitely missed a good one (no kidding!). Emily is a very passionate person and driven person - and that's why she has been successful at just about anything that she does. We talked about her blog and about blogging in general -especially in the areas of nursing blogging and military blogging. (See the video post above)

We also talked about some of her hobbies including her motorcycle and skydiving. These topics really lit up the chat room. She enlisted in the army and I cannot thank her and her colleagues in the armed forces enough for their service to this country. It's because of brave people like these that a shmuck like me can have a radio show. Have you thanked a soldier today?

Thanks also to Enrico and to Marq for calling into the show, asking questions, and sharing comments. I really appreciate it. Following the blogtalkradio show, I went live on my ustream site for about half an hour. We had a first time listener on the show and asked some questions which I answer on the recorded video stream.

Finally, "the announcement" that I referred to on the promo video post for this show - I was approached to do a little medical commentary on a new fan podcast for the show "House, MD" So, that's definitely something different for me. Travis, who is one of the co-hosts for the podcast, is scheduled to be on the show next week to discuss further. Have a great weekend everybody!

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