Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Buckeye Surgeon interview

This week, The Doctor Anonymous Show is honored to welcome Dr. Jeffrey Parks to the show. His blog is called Buckeye Surgeon and he works in the Cleveland, Ohio area. This probably doesn't mean much to some people out there, but, to me, I think this is great because this is a guy who is close to me. And, someone I may actually refer patients to at some point in the future.

Not only does this guy have great clinical posts (with added images from CT scans and other pics), he has excellent non-clinical posts as well whether it comes to Cleveland sports or whatever. I really enjoyed the first paragraph that he ever wrote on a blog - in a post simply entitled, "Begin"
An initial salvo into the world of unfettered spilling of soul into the public domain. The concept is revolutionary, as far as Im concerned. Whatever happened to locked leather journals, stashed under the bedframe? Away with private thoughts. This is me! I exist! Although reeking of narcissism and existential angst, you have to admit, it's compelling as hell. If you're any good, and people respond regularly with insightful feedback, an entire community is born, a community unavailable to us in non-cyber (so-called real) life, as we mindlessly pass through our waking days like automatons, driving the same routes to work, having the same superficial conversations with colleagues you know nothing about but have known for years, distracted by talk radio, ipods, sports scores, our minds cluttered with the nothingness. Maybe the modern mind isn't made for solitary contemplation with pen and paper. We make a deal. If we are going to, god forbid, think creatively, constructively, or insightfully, then it has to be done so everyone else can see. The age of exhibitionism. Watch me. Read me.
So, join us for show number 50(!) on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 at 9pm Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio. In addition to the interview, you can also participate in the live interactive chat room, you can call into the show to ask a question, and you can even see my shining face on the live web cam. Exciting, I know. See you for the show!