Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Week

Ever feel like everything is closing in around you? Ever feel like you're barely treading water? Well, that explains my life over the past week or so. I apologize in advance for any whininess that may come out in this post. It's just that I have not been very good with the time management this week.

Why is that? Well, my schedule has just been overbooked. Almost each morning this week, I have a 7am meeting at the hospital for one reason or another. These morning meetings always go over time, and then, I'm not able to round on my patients at the hospital. So, what I do is already run late a little bit for the morning patients, and then try to get back to the hospital during my "lunch break" to try to get to see some people.

And, then, get back to the office by 1pm to try to start my afternoon on time. If I didn't finish my rounds, then I have to try to budget some time after the office to head back to the hospital to finish up. The tricky thing this week is that I've had an evening meeting on one night and a soccer game on the other night. Each night this week, I've been back at the office until about midnight just to try to catch up.

Is that whiney yet? Well, how about this. I really haven't been able to keep up with twitter following (let alone twitter posting). I haven't had a chance to record, edit, and post any kind of video promo for this weeks show. And, oh yeah, that sleep thing has been in deprivation this week as well. I really should go to sleep now and try to get some rest.

Finally, I'm debating on whether to talk about anything related to 9/11/2001 on this week's show. Political discourse is not the point. I just was thinking about sharing where I was, what was I doing, and other random thoughts. It may drive people away from the show. But, at some point, I was looking for an opportunity to share this stuff, and maybe this week's show is the time and place to do that. We'll see...

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Mary said...

Awwww, busy week? I'm sorry! :( busy weeks are not very fun. Barely any time to spend on new media and twitter is frustrating! And MEETINGS?? I wanna go to a meeting! Meetings are fun! Although everything is fun while I'm around :) Just kidding! But seriously, at least you have time tonight to spend with friends!

And I'd be very interested to know where you were and what you were doing during 9/11! I think you should discuss it tonight! It's nice to reflect every once in awhile upon things like that.