Friday, September 28, 2007

Epilogue: Dr. A Live - Episode 5

What's up with the picture above? We'll you'll have to listen to the show to figure it out. HA! Listening to the show is as easy as going to my blog sidebar and hitting play. Or, you can even download and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

You can also visit my Blog Talk Radio site. While there, don't forget to pick up a promo button to place on your blog for me (please!). Also on the site you can give a rating to my show, leave a comment, make me a BTR friend and BTR favorite. Thanks!

Thanks so much to Dr. Rob for joining me on the show. I never actually knew what his voice sounded like until the show tonight - so that was exciting.

Definitely write a post and send it over to Dr. Rob for his Grand Rounds on Tuesday. I also have to tell you that he might have given a hint on his GR theme during the show. But, of course, I'm not going to tell you. You have to listen to the show. HA!

Thanks also to those who called in and those in the chat room during the show. Right now, I'm going to plan for Thursday nights at 10pm and see how that works. I still my try a different day/time. But, we'll see how this works for now. Have a great weekend everybody!

Update: Thanks to Scan Man and JMB for letting me know that the show is NOT available on iTunes site outside the USA. Bummer. However, all is not lost. The show IS available via RSS feed. Just click here or here and download away!


Cathy said...

OK,I really want to listen to this show. I figure it will take about 2.5-3 hours for it to download if it was a 30 minute show. I am going to set it to do so, while we run some errands. I hope I can listen to it when we get back.

Would someone please tell my husband how much I want (and need) high speed?

A Mom Who Thinks Too Much said...

I listened to the show later. I really liked it: Dr. Rob, Dr. A., Dr. Val, and even Roy (for a little bit?) all in one place. It was cool.

(BTW, I may have been that Guest in the chat room after hours? I was confused; I thought I was watching the chat that had occurred during the show. I didn't think it was still going. Plus Moof was talking about pajamas and fire hoses, and I wasn't sure what I was getting into. :-)

Cathy said...

Wow, that was a really great show Dr. A....I found out that I do not have to download your shows to listen to them. Next week I will try to listen in real time and see how that goes.

You, Dr. Rob and Dr. Val all have great radio voices..I would love to hear moof on the radio, I was hoping she would call in.

Rob said...

Great Show. I enjoyed it much. That is a real fun format. Thanks so much for having me on.


jmb said...

Being on the West coast I got there just at the end of the show. In fact just in time to join the IM chat but with no ID which was extremely tricky to pull off, but I think I am now enrolled, maybe.
I did listen to the archived version and it was great to hear you, Dr Rob and Dr Val.
Sadly, your podcast is not in the iTunes Canadian store!

jmb said...

Thank you for the email alerting me to the feed which I have now arranged to have.