Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Update

I know that it's Monday morning as I write/post this, but I couldn't think of another title for the post. Anyway, this was the first weekend that I had absolutely nothing scheduled. Can you believe that? Probably for the entire summer, I've had something on the calendar whether it be related to Boards, Podcamp Ohio, meetings, soccer, etc. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to do all that stuff - except maybe for Boards. It was just great not to do anything for an entire weekend.

Other than Twitter, I was completely unplugged from the internet (kind of). I was considering actually writing a blog post or two. But, that didn't happen. I've been a slacker when it comes to writing blog posts lately - especially when it comes to submitting something for Grand Rounds. I've been in a GR slump for the past few months and I really want to get back and start writing again - it's just tough.

Other than watching a bunch of olympics coverage, I really didn't do much other than catch up on things to do around the place - which I have been neglecting for a while now. And, of course, got a lot of sleep. It's really a wonder how good you feel after getting adequate sleep - I should do that more often.

Anyway, this is an attempt at trying to get back to writing blog posts again. I've said this before. It's tough when life/work gets in the way of blog writing and other new media stuff. Of course, nothing gets in the way of twitter! BTW, do you like the new twitter counter button in the sidebar? Kind of cool, huh?

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Mary said...

Ohhh, awesome twitter counter! Cool! Very funny how addicted you are. But it's good to see more posts from you! And lol at that picture! You are awefully supportive of that beach volleyball. ;)