Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More Podcamp Ohio Outtakes

Shout out to Brandice for posting these vids! This is great because you see more of little ol me in these vids rather than the ones that I shot. In the video below, this is the night before Podcamp Ohio when we were a the local Damon's Restaurant. This was kind of weird for me because the night before, I had the Pre-Podcamp Ohio Show. People were coming up to me clearly knowing who I am because I run a live webcam during the show, so at least they knew what I looked like.

In the video, I got to check out Brandice's Flip Ultra - which I had never seen before. And, actually, that really influenced me into eventually getting my Flip Mino cam. And, she made fun of my beer - What's wrong with Mic Ultra? It's great stuff! As far as Brandice, she sampled the strawberry mint lemonade (watch closely the initial facial grimace) and the enormous chocolate dessert. Finally, I think Kirk/Shatner rocks and she does not. That inside joke kept going through Podcamp Ohio.

Not only is there one Brandice Podcamp Ohio video for today, there is another. In this one, I talk about the key to Podcamp Ohio - the front desk registration - Shout out to the front desk! And, I'm a slacker. Plus, another interview with the camera guys. Brandice totally crashed my interview with Kate. So, I gave her my best/worst Kirk impression. Finally a short clip with Mike Genovese.

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Mary said...

Lol!! I don't see how that was william shatner. You need to work on your impressions! Looks like you had tons of fun at podcamp! Brandice is hilarious!