Friday, August 29, 2008

Show 46 Wrap-up

The one year anniversary show, otherwise known as Doctor Anonymous Show 46 (don't forget to rate the show), was a huge success. (See video post above) Even before the show, I had a little pre show over on my ustream site. Thanks to the dozen or show people who showed up for that. We had a great discussion even before the show started.

As far as the show itself, a good time was had by all. Thanks to all those who called into the show including RockDog, MarQ, Carrie, MJ RN, Annie & Burl, and finally Enrico called into save me from myself. The show went a little too long. Maybe I should shift back to a 60 minute show in the future.

During the show I shared a little about the origins of The Doctor Anonymous franchise including the blog, the show, the video blogs, and other stuff. I also tried a bit called "Ask Doctor Anonymous," which didn't work out how I thought and that idea will be tossed away. Finally, I covered some news stories and the closed up the show.

But, the evening was not done. I even had a post show back over on the ustream site. And, we had a good crowd over there as well. As I ended the show, a certain presidential nominee was taking the stage, so that was good timing to close up the show because I know a lot of people wanted to see that speech live.

So, thanks again for all of you out there who listen to the show live or on the archive, those of you who stop by and read the blog, and to those of you who I consider my blog friends out there. Without you, this blog and this show would not be around. As far as me, I plan to continue this as long as it is fun for me. And, that could be a long while. Have a great weekend everybody!


Kerri. said...

Congrats again on your one year anniversary, Dr. A. It was great talking to you again! And it's been a real pleasure watching this adventure become such a success for you.

(Also, kicking salmon shirt and tie ensemble last night. Work it!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed it! Congrats on a year! Let me know if you are going to do a show about medication non-adherence. I bookmarked this post.

Have a great vacation.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Anonymous,

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Your hard work clearly shows. We all look forward to years to come of your great bloggs and shows.

All the Best,
Jessica Bond
Medical Careerist and more...