Friday, August 15, 2008

Show 44 Wrap-up

Great discussion tonight about New Media Expo and Podcamp Ohio. The intersection between medicine and new media always fascinates me. And, this show was more the latter. One of the reasons for that is I'm very excited about the Podcamp Ohio project that I'm involved with. I agreed to host one show a month until Podcamp Ohio next summer. Check out Dr. A Show 44 here. You can even download the show here (don't forget to rate the show!)

It's always great re-connecting with the people that I met at Podcamp Ohio. Thanks to Brandice, Mitch (he and his wife just had a baby), Angelo (he announced on the show that he and his wife are expecting and due early next year), and Daniel for calling into the show. We even had a someone call in to ask about how to start a podcast. Great stuff!

In the last part of the show, I talk about the blog post I read this week from Emergiblog. In it she talk about a possible opportunity to have a panel of medbloggers at the BlogWorld event next month in Las Vegas. I'm so bummed that I cannot attend this event. However, I really hope this happens and that there is a medblog panel next month.

Hopefully, this will lead to a full-blown medblogger track at next year's BlogWorld and possibly medblog topics at other new media events. I've been toying with the idea of doing a medical related session at Podcamp Ohio 2009, but still undecided.

Following the show, I had a little after show party over at ustream. I even recorded part of it. Check it out over here. Thanks again for everyone who joined the show live or on the archives. Have a great weekend! (See video post above)


Mary said...

Once Upon a Time:

I missed the show and I feel soooo dumb! I always lose track of the days and last night I was watching Apollo 13 and it was so exciting and mom told me that they all die at the end and I didn't think they would (I was totally right) And now this morning I realize its friday which means last night was thursday and I missed all the fun! :(

The End

Didja all miss me?

Amanda said...

Dude, you've gone all high-tech! Awesome :)

I need to hit one of these shows. Looking like I finally have a chance to breathe again, LOL.