Monday, August 04, 2008

Conference letdown

Does this happen to you? Almost every time I go to a conference, I have a great time! I experience the great content of the meeting, along with hanging out with friends, and all around - good times. Usually very little sleep during these meetings.

I got up early on Sunday (like 4am) for my flight home. And, you know how tough it is on a travel day - going through airports - and waiting in line - and the overall travel schedule. Not many people can, but I can usually take a nap anywhere - like airplanes. The flight was only a couple of hours long, but with the nap, the flight seemed to go by quickly.

After landing, my travel day is not over yet. I have another hour and a half drive home from the airport. It's kind of funny because the driving time from the airport to home is almost the same time sitting on the plane. Yeesh. And, after getting home, I took a very long nap. And, now, I have to try to prepare for a full work week.

In fact, as I look back across the summer, starting with Podcamp Ohio at the end of June, I've had something to do every weekend - whether it be work or non-work related. I had a couple of soccer weekends, a weekend on call, this past KC weekend, and then I'll be on call this coming weekend again. No wonder why I'm tired. So, sorry for all the whining. I'm just glad to have my home internet connection back - at least for now.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you're hella busy doctor. i soo can relate to you. I also am so busy these past few weeks im starting to develop self-care deficit *hehe*. guess i need to take a day off (or two) and go pamper myself. nice blog. i enjoy reading it. a lot. =D