Friday, August 08, 2008

Show 43 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Dr. Alan Dappen from Doctokr Family Medicine for joining us on Show number 43 this evening. Thanks also to Dr. Dappen for being flexible in his schedule for allowing me to push back the interview an hour. I really appreciate it. See video post above.

After we talked about his training and travel (did you know that he and his wife were in Kenya for a short period of time?), we talked about his journey through the broken health care system that we have now. During this time, he did a study which confirmed his hypothesis that talking with patients (what we call "taking a history"), basically gives you the diagnosis, without sometimes needing to examine the patient or ordering tests. However, with the physician payment system as it stands right now, patients must come into the office for the traditional office visit which includes taking a history, physical exam, and testing, if needed.

We then talked about how he put together the business model that he practices right now. So, if I want to me a new patient, I would contact Dr. Dappen for an initial traditional office visit. Following this, you would be set up for a price structure to deliver the 24/7 availability. He does accept insurances - sort of. You pay him a fee, even if you pay for a insurance card for the availability.

Thanks also to Dr. Val for calling into the show and asking some questions of her own. Following the show this evening, I had an "after show" party on my UStream channel. We had a bunch of people go from the show over to the after show and we were there for another hour. I'm always humbled by the thought that people would spend two hours of their time to hang out with me. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate the community that has been built by the show. I'm on call this weekend, but I'll be around on Twitter and may even try another ustream "party," so stay tuned. Have a great weekend!


Mary said...

Yeah, last night's show was awesome! Very interesting guy, dr. dappen. Very interesting. Especially the way he sets up his patients with the 24/7 availability and such. Pretty unique! Also- the ustream party was a blast! Very very fun. Can't wait for another one!

Doc said...

Nice show! Couldn't catch it live, but enjoyed it this AM. Dr. Dappen is well known in these parts. His system may not work for all, but elements of it can certainly be incorporated into traditional practices.

Muddy said...

I know you dont usually do meme's, but I did give you a bloggy award at my blog recognizing you as one of my favorite blogs.