Saturday, August 02, 2008

Show 42 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Rural Doctoring for being a guest on Show 42 (don't forget to rate the show if you would like). I tried a little bit different intro that I usually do. I learned some stuff from Podcamp Ohio and I'm happy with the opening 5 minutes of the show. I think that I'll continue to say the show number and show title right at the front of the show. And, I'm trying to do the show notes a little different as well.

As I shared during the show, my internet at home went out and I had to do the show from the office. So, from the start of the show, I was kind of thrown off. Theresa came on the show at around the 6 minute mark. And, right out of the gate, I made an iPhone comment - HA!

We talked about our mutual interest and love of Family Medicine and how we chose this field (9:15). In addition, RD talks about her love for maternity care and how she had a love for delivering babies (11:34) Then, an unusual thing happened. Since I was at the office, I had a question and actually had to stop the show for a few minutes to kind of sort out things - that was interesting.

After returning from a musical break at 14:45, she talked about her job at a clinic that had loan repayment - because as we know, those med school debts really accumulate and you have to find some way to pay them down. Following this job, this is when became a hospitalist physician.

What is a hospitalist physician, RD describes at 17:35. It can be confusing for people who never have had this experience before, because, generally, people expect to see their own physician in the hospital. In addition to her role to seeing patients in the hospital, she talks about how she balances her OB on call schedule with her hospitalist on call schedule.

Shifting gears at 21:27, we start talking about her blogging life. I had no idea that before her current blog, she started a blog in 2002 when she was a Family Medicine resident and she had it for about 2 years - talked about medicine, knitting, and other interests. The Rural Doctoring blog started in May 2008.

At 30:34, RD talks about how she comes up with ideas for blog posts. She talks about how she writes a series of posts on one topic to try to keep the reader interested and coming back. This is a great idea for any new bloggers out there.

The first call of the night (40:47) was from Adam who has the blog called "Day of the Doc." Adam is a psychiatrist and new blogger, and he said that he has never called into a show before. Thanks so much Adam. I encourage everyone to check out his blog and say hello!

The famous Dr. Rob calls in at 51:30 and talked about his New York Times experience. Then, Enrico called in at 55:35 and talked about his experience with Hurricane Dolly. I forgot that Dr. Rob had a question about rural medicine verses urban medicine. And, then Enrico asked questions (1:01:42) about med-level providers and what she does for fun.

We also talked about Zippy (1:05:46). The interview is completed at 1:13:00. After the quick musical break, I talk about why I wasn't at home doing the show. I also shared about what I've been doing for July including Podcamp Ohio and preparing for my board exam. Finally, I talk about the upcoming Kansas City conference and thank all of you readers and listeners for supporting my blog and the show.

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