Friday, February 08, 2008

Sid Schwab Show: Epilogue

Thanks so much to Sid Schwab for being on the show. It was a really fun interview. (video post above) We probably could have talked for another hour. I'll definitely have to bring him back on the show. There was talk in the chat room about bringing Mrs. Sid onto the next show. So, that should be interesting.

We talked about how be chose general surgery as a career. He also shared some stories from medical school, residency, and his 25 years of practice. At the end of the show, we briefly talked about his book: Cutting Remarks: Insights and Recollections of a Surgeon.

The chat room was as busy as it has ever been -at times as many as 22 people chatting. So, if you have never listened to the show live - you are missing "the show within the show." I did have a few small technical glitches, but I don't think that it affected the audio at all (you can let me know otherwise).

Thanks so much to the people who called in as well. Bongi called in all the way from South Africa where is was 4am. Sid has a dream of working with Bongi some day. Dr. Rob also called in and Sid called him "The Dave Barry of the Medical Blogosphere." It was great to hear from Dr. Rob again.

Enrico checked in to give a brief update on his situation. Suffice to say that he is going to have to find a new URL - maybe we can help him find a new name for his blog (leave me a comment if you would like to help - hehe). Enrico asked the question about how to balance work and life.

SeaSpray said that she never called into a show or was in a chat room before. Thanks so much for calling in. She is a regular reader and commenter on Sid's blog. She also shared a story of how Sid helped her last year. Finally, EricThePragmatic called in and told the story of how Sid was his mother's surgeon - a touching story.

So, if you didn't listen live - why didn't you? Sheesh! Well, listen in my sidebar or click here. Also, if I can ask a favor, after you listen to the show, please rate the show and leave a comment. It will really help my BlogTalkRadio ratings.

Next week - Look out, because The Ladies invade The Doctor Anonymous Show. It is the Valentine's Day Estrofest. My guests include Dr. Val, Jenni from Chronic Babe, Crzegrl, and EE. Call your friends and wake the neighbors - This will be a fun show. Who knows what we'll talk about and what will happen? Have a great weekend, everybody!


Chrysalis said...

I love that about Rob, "the Dave Berry" of the medical blogosphere. Yep, that's him. Sexy voice too, ha,ha..

Dr.A. that was an excellent show! I think it would be great if you had Mrs. Schwab on. It was so wonderful of all the callers who took the time to call in. I enjoyed each of them. Some, I wasn't familiar with, so I learned a little more about them. It was nice to see different people interacting. I noticed also, that you mentioned wanting people to comment more on your blog. You know I try now only to comment where I absolutely know I'm wanted. It isn't that all the sites I read (like yours) aren't interesting. There are so many wonderful bloggers. Keep up the good work, Dr. A. and have fun with it! Best to everyone from last night.

Sid Schwab said...

Thanks, Dr A.

A good time was had by all, especially me. My wife says there was great stuff happening in the chat room (I couldn't manage reading and talking at the same time). I'd be delighted, of course, to come back again. It's a really great thing you are doing.

And "Cuts Like A Knife" was a terrific theme song!

Looking forward to estrofest!

Bongi said...

great show as usual. thanks. i still need to listen to the archived version again. i have it under good authority that bongi would feel pretty intimidated if the great dr schwab operated with me. Besides, i wouldn't know how to ask the sister for an abdominal swab. i'd have to do it in afrikaans.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr A- it was fun last night! I am still in awe of how we were all connected across the country and around the world...from our homes. Amazing!

The chat was both interesting and funny. I think next week I will turn the lights on before I type. Ha ha!

You and Dr S. were great and it was my pleasure to interact with you, even if my voice was wavering a little and my face felt hot. Definitely in shy mode. :)

Thank you for doing this and being so gracious. :)

SeaSpray said...

P.S. How do I keep the blogtalk radio's audio from popping on every time someone enters my site?

SeaSpray said...

Thank you -it worked! :)