Thursday, February 14, 2008

Worst. Show. Ever.

I'm so mad right now that - that - I don't know what I could do. I'm just venting. You know this is what happens when I really try to promote a show. The problem started from the first minute. There was this annoying echo that I could hear. At first, I thought that one of my guests was causing the feedback, but it wasn't.

The echo really threw me off for the entire show. It felt like I was in a tunnel for the entire thing. Thanks so much to Dr. Val, Jenni, and Crzegrl for sticking with things and wanting to go forward with the show. Thanks also to Mother Jones who called into the show to add some banter.

What we found out later was that the audio from my show was cutting into the audio of another show. The host of the other show called in and explained the problem. Seemed like a pleasant chap, but what I found out later was that they were encouraging people to get into my chat room and call in to disrupt the show - that's not cool.

I haven't heard the audio yet from the other show, but that is what I've been told. I guess that other show had nothing else to talk about because they ended their show 30 minutes early. I guess after my audio stopped messing up their show, they had nothing else to talk about. But, I'll have to listen to their show to see exactly what they were talking about.

So, for those of you who listened to the show live - I really appreciate you listening. I apologize for the bad audio, and I'm sorry that the other show was disrupting things. I'm going to try to contact BlogTalkRadio to see what the problem was. If I don't get a satisfactory answer, I may have to move the show over to Talkshoe. I think they would appreciate a medblogger talk show host. Don't you think? Have a great weekend, everybody!


emily said...

Had a good time anyways!

I am having one of those tech-frustrating nights. Phone not working, blog not working, video upload and embed not working.....heck, maybe it was my bad juju! Shoulda sacrificed that chicken. Ack!

BUUUUuuuuut---you looked fabulous! Something about a man in a tie *swoons*

Cathy said...

That is to bad Dr. A. I was just getting ready to go listen to the archive. I think I still will.

Anonymous said...

That is too bad. I'm sorry to know that. I just listened to one radio show so far (featuring Grunt Doc) and that was awesome. I came in tonight to tune in while my husband and I prepare for our V night dinner but realized we were too early. So I decided to come back after. Thus, I read this. :-( I've just recently discovered your blog and I do love coming back. Take it easy...

Vijay said...

Hey Dr. A,
I think you're being too hard on yourself. I was in the chat room from about 10 minutes before the show began, so I know it's not your fault. Your video stream's audio was very clear. The echo/feedback/choppy audio/whatever started only when you went on air live.
It was very sporty of your guests to try things like hanging up & re-calling in and sticking to the show inspite of the bad audio. Not that the ladies needed any excuse to keep talking ;o) *ducks*.
I had few minutes of REAL FUN in the chat room when it was flooded with the disgruntled sweet-talking gentlemen from the other show. Thanks for being quick on the draw and banning them :o)
I think BTR must have been hit by an unprecedented amount of shows & traffic, what with it being V day & all. I think they deserve a chance. But if they cannot / or do not chose to explain the f**k up I guess you'll have to move. Don't worry your fans (& self-confessed groupies) will follow you to the next place too.
Have a nice strong drink.

YS said...

Don't feel bad about it. You are doing your best. Its not your fault if others are screwing up.

Chrysalis said...

I'm sorry to hear you had some difficulties, Dr.A. Hang in there. Every new venture has it's snags. You'll get all this worked out. All the people that read and listen to you are supportive and understanding.
You'll get this taken care of.