Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm A Blogaholic: Gone

The I'm A Blogaholic blog was started almost a year ago during the whole Flea episode - and when Fat Doctor took down her blog (she did eventually come back). At the time, the blog was a great way for people to just talk about what was happening at the time.

But, as typically happens, people move forward and move on. And, that has showed in the past few months. The number of posts and the number of visitors have decreased. So, I've decided that The I'm A Blogaholic Blog has run it's course and will be taken down in the next few weeks. So, thanks for the memories!

1 comment:

SeaSpray said...

I think it was a great idea to put that up. At least I got one post in.

Ha Ha! AND...I bought a SeaSpray I'm a blogaholic mug from Moof. Had a pic of my SeaSpray pic on there. :)