Monday, February 25, 2008

The Shamrock Shake

I have been a blogging slacker for the past few days. I do have a lame excuse, though. I was on call last weekend, and I have to tell you, there are a lot of ill people out there and the hospital has been hopping for the past few weeks.

Anyway, as I was making "rounds" at McDonalds yesterday, the friendly drive-thru chap asked, "Would you like to try a Shamrock Shake?" Wow! It's only February, and our local McD's has already gotten out the shamrock shake. This is great stuff! If you haven't had this before, you have to try it.

I do admit that I like the taste of mint. So, the shamrock shake is definitely delish to me. And, as Dr. Rob has stated recently that obsessing about anything is bad. I kind of get addicted to the shamrock shake - especially when they say "for a limited time only." Anyone with me on this? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The Shamrock Shake is the bomb. I remember pleading with the parents for them when I was young. Have you discovered the Banana shake at Rally's?

CannibalCrowley said...

Great, now I want a Shamrock shake.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the Shamrock Shake. Of course, they're based on something green. We don't have green here in Vegas, unless it's money, but that wouldn't make a very yummy shake.

Dr. Rob said...

If you do drink these things, it will be the beginning of a long slide in which you will start engaging in Junior Mints, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, and then to Heroin. It is inevitable.

Stop while you can!

Cathy said...

Making rounds there, were you? crack me up. This milkshake looks and sounds really good. Why have I never heard of it before. I take it form Dr. Robs comment that it is mint?

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Why only have ot once a year? You can make your own -

2 cups vanilla ice cream or soy ice cream
1 1/4 cups 2% low-fat milk or soy milk
1/4 teaspoon mint extract
8 drops green food coloring

Combine ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth.


emily said...

onadiet onadiet onadiet

Kb said...

Does that come in sugar free, fat-free?

Anonymous said...

OMG, this sounds like a pregnant woman's dream!!! Thanks for the heads up. :)

I'm going to have to give it a try.

Leila said...

I've never had it. I'm sure it's delish, but something about the neon green color gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And crazy working mom. . .that's pretty funny! I happen to be pregnant right now, due on -- you guessed it -- St. Paddy's Day!