Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nominate Me!

I have no shame. And, when you read this post, you'll see why. HA!

Yesterday, Medgadget announced the opening up of nominations for their 2006 Medical Weblog Awards. This is their third annual event. And, according to their website, "These awards are designed to honor the very best in the medical blogosphere, and to highlight the diverse world of medical blogs."

There are seven categories, but the one I'm most interested in is Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2006). To be honest, I don't think this blog really fits into any of the other categories. Oh BTW, there's a new category this year for Best Patient's Blog. So, for you DA readers who have patient blogs, you can play, too.

Anyway, this is where I'm asking you, the Doctor Anonymous reader, to help. If someone, anyone, would nominate me for Best New Medical Weblog - I'd really appreciate it! I'd nominate myself, but that seems kind of lame to me. Plus, the judges may not take to kindly to self-nominations.

Speaking of the judges, some of them look familiar to me. I think I may have put them in the bottom section of my Grand Rounds 3.09 posting last month. So, they may not like me too much. Oh well. We'll have to see what happens. If nominated, then I'll be shamlessly be seeking your vote from January 3-14, 2007.

What's interesting is that you can only vote once - period. Not once an hour - not once a day - just once - period. I wonder how they'll monitor that. But, hey, they're Medgadget. They can figure it out. But, first thing is first - the nomination. Thanks for your consideration....

Update: To help generate some controversy, the grand Empress Bee herself has obtained some totally illegal pictures of me (LOL) in her post called "They Are Coming Out." Your curiousity piqued yet?


Anonymous said...

why doc i'd love to nominate you if i had brains enough! someone help me out hear!!!

Anonymous said...

okay i figured it out and guess what, you already had one nomination! i gave you a second. now about that picture of you???

ipanema said...

hahahaha...went over Empress Bee's site...that was good. :)

lol. You are really very modest of yourself...asking for nomination. Wait till we see some other categories. :)

hahaha...now it's Medgadget's time to say probably, "Oh well, sorry Dr. A but you're on the bottom of our list." lol.

Ok, I'll try to promote this on my site if it's ok. I like the trophy though. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. A! Was that peach fuzz I saw on your chest over on Empress Bee's website?

Anonymous said...

Doc. you crack me up...I remember those early days of your blog. I was here during those days. How quickly things change, huh?

During your first week of blogging you said this:

"I ran into this thing called "Grand Rounds" in which all of the relevant medical blogs are listed and their latest topics being discussed. I'm pretty confident that this blog will not be anywhere on that list.

This blog is the observations of a doc out there just trying to make it in America today. Yes, from time to time there may be some medical commentary. From time to time there may be some ranting. From time to time, I may even say something funny.

But, as Yoda would say, "A medical blog this is not..."

HA!....Now look where you are at...You have hosted grand rounds and a fine job of it you did too. Now you have been nominated for Best Medical Blog of The year and Also for Best New Medical Blog of the year.

Not bad for a guy that "doesn't" have (or want) a medical blog...:)

Anonymous said...

Nominated you are...

Anonymous said...

any photos ready for me yet doc?

Anonymous said...

GREAT blog. I enjoyed every entry I've read so far. And I'd be happy to nominate you. Good luck!