Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 3.11 is now up and running at The Antidote: Counterspin for Health Care and Health News. The host is Emily Devoto. No theme this week. Thirty-seven links are divided into nine categories. Here's my contribution:
Dr. Anonymous briefs on this week's new research findings on chemo-brain - now there's evidence of a neurologic basis for the phenomenon; with luck, the findings could spur further research to understand and address the problem.
Thanks Emily for including my submit this week. Next week, Grand Rounds moves to Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression Treatments. Experience the best the medical blogosphere has to offer this week. It's Grand Rounds!


Anonymous said...

Dr. A...How do I submit something for Grand Rounds? I did a post today about something that happened to me quite suddenly. It may be too late for this week but might be of interest to your readers on the subject of breast cancer. Thank you.

Dr. A said...

Hi Mimi, Thanks for your question. GR is posted every Tuesday, so the next GR will be a week from today.

I read your post and I think it would be valuable. Just follow the link to next week's host and follow their guidelines on how to submit. Feel free to contact me if any questions.

Anonymous said...

Heh, apparently anonymity is a popular blog concept. Three cheers for anonymous persons!