Monday, October 23, 2006

Triple Meme

Dona nobis pacem in the Blogosphere from Mimi Writes: The events of Thursday, October 12 inspired Mimi to come up with the idea of a global post on November 7, 2006. I invite you to check out her compelling post...

"If you'd like to help me get the word out, please email. Or simply link this post on your site, in your emails, mention it in your comments. Tell people to save the blank picture (right-click, save, open in a photo editing program to write or draw on) and simply post it on November 7, 2006."


Irene from Pregnant Pauses tagged me for this extensive meme:

1. 5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
* Get more Easy Buttons from Staples!
* Have a huge Blogaholics Anonymous meeting!
* Actually take some golf lessons.
* Finally pay off my medical school loans.
* Two words: plastic surgery (yeah right)

2. 5 bad habits
* Take a while to do my memes. HA!
* Drink too much Diet Coke
* Waiting until the last minute to do things
* Work too much, sleep too little
* Stress eating - not a good idea

3. 5 things I hate doing
* Working out, although I know it need to.
* Going out in the cold. I don't mind 90 degrees, but 9 degrees, forget it.
* Confronting people
* Going to a party where I know no one - that's tough for me.
* (couldn't think of another one)

4. 5 things I would never do
* Wear khaki - ever
* Walk through a cemetary at night - too scary
* Curling - what's the point
* Run for political office
* Buy a PC. Hi, I'm a Mac. HA!

5. 5 things I regret doing
* Not appreciating what I have until it's gone.
* Focusing too much on myself and at times forgetting about friends/family
* When upset, I say/do things I regret
* Not taking an overseas experience when I was in high school or college
* (couldn't think of another one)

6. 5 favorite toys or things.
* My trusty Apple stuff: iMac, iBook, iPod (can I count that as three things?)
* Golf clubs - when I use them
* Food - maybe too much at times


Finally, Kirsten from All About Me - And Then Some tagged me for "Nine Weird Things/Habits about Myself":

1. I have this thing for wicker "furniture". I'm hypotized by it.
2. I'm anti-khaki pants. No khaki. Never. Don't even think about it.
3. Some people can't wake up without their first cup of coffee. Me? Diet Coke.
4. I'm a news junkie. I'm kind of embarrassed by it. I used to watch sit-com tv, dramas, and movies. At night, I'd rather watch news channels.
5. Golf. I can't play it, but I follow it closely. If I'm not watching news, then it's the golf channel.
6. Definitely not a fix-it guy. I hyperventilate if I have to go to the Home Depot.
7. Sometimes I'd rather send an e-mail rather than pick up the phone to contact someone.
8. My attention span is nanoseconds these days. I haven't read a fiction book all the way through in years. Sometimes, I don't even listen to an entire three minute song on my iPod.
9. Actually cooking is something that makes me anxious. If there is an option to go out to eat, I'll take that.

Freaked out yet? Whew! That took a lot out of me. Do you feel like this too much information? Me too. I think I'll take a nap. Oh yeah, I can because I'm off this week. Yay! Sorry, no tagging. Til next time, I'm Doctor Anonymous. HA!


Anonymous said...

well doc on the part about a short attention span, i think that's why i like blogging so much, you can flip from one to the next, back again, you get it... perfect! it's the adhd dream come true!

have a good vacation, and don't forget us here, 'ya heah???


Anonymous said...

Wow...Now I know who Dr. Anonymous is. BTW, your voice sounds really familiar. Ever been to Lima? As for "not appreciating what you have until it is gone"....Sometimes if you work really hard and long enough you might get it back. At the least you learn from those experiences. Most likely you won't repeat them.

Have a great week off of work! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc, new-ish reader of your blog here, just saying hi!

Fat Doctor said...

Wicker furniture - HA! Still laughing. :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting all the way around! I take it you don't want khaki pillows for your wicker furniture ... ?

I'm with you on: going out in the cold (ACK!) ... sending emails instead of calling ... and the nanosecond attention span.

I used to be a news junkie - 24/7 if I was awake - but I got over that, a few years ago (phew!)

Dr. Anon... if cooking makes you nervous, maybe you should be hitting an island beach someplace this Weds. instead of a conference on leadership ... *blink* ... you might run in to someone who likes to cook ... >;o)

HP said...

Fat Doctor pinched the words right off my keyboard.