Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SF Pics

Back in the saddle again -- Let me tell you, I could really get used to taking time off. I don't think I have felt this rested in a long time. Boy, did I need it because I think my entire patient pool called today.

Don't get me wrong, I did feel the love from my patients. It was just a little overwhelming. I couldn't help but crack a smile everytime a patient said, "I'm glad you took some time off, because you deserve it. But, I'm so glad you're back!" I was so relaxed that it didn't bother me, at the time, to explain that our office totally used up our flu shot supply while I was gone (no rant from me, yet, on this).

I'm on call Wednesday. I don't even think I remember what it is to be on call. LOL! I think I was last on call about two weeks ago - an eternity in my work life. We'll see how Wednesday goes.

Since I've gotten back, I haven't had the time to post the pics on my Flickr page -- until now. I definitely learned from last time with my DC pics. Who has the patience and time to look at 82 pictures? Certainly not me. I just wanted to test out my Flickr pro account.

So, this time, only 15 pictures for your to peruse. Before you ask, no, you will not find Dr. A in this set. The digital camera ran out of battery before I could take any pictures of me. Believe that? I didn't think so. I'll be a while before I go out of town again, so enjoy the pics!


NeoNurseChic said...

Very nice pics!! I added a note to your seagull pic...don't kill me! ;)

I loved that you had so many pics of Washington - those pics really made me laugh because I loved your captions and notes in them. I also loved that you took pics of things zoomed in and things zoomed out, which was just what I did when I was in England. And we're always on that same wavelength!! So if you get a chance and you have more SF pics, please put them up!!

Did you get to go to Golden Gate? I apologize if you said that in your blogcasts or somewhere on the blog, and I missed it. I just noticed that you didn't have anny pics of it!

Carrie :)

rdl said...

Nice, but we want one of you. :D
hey are you doing Nanblopomo??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Nice house. ;)

Oh and please tell me you weren't the one driving when the highway pictures were taken!

Jenny said...

Oh sweeeeeet! San Fran is one of my favorite cities! My hubby carried the Olympic torch down the twisty part of Lombard Street and then handed off to me as I got to carry the torch for our son who was too young to run. :) Great great memories there. Beautiful city! Thanks for sharing your pics! :)