Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grand Rounds

If you haven't already checked it out, Dr. Jon Mikel from Unbounded Medicine has Grand Rounds 3.3 this week. The graphic above is very creative as well. Sections include: Editors Choice, Physician Stories, Nurses Stories, Student Stories, Patient Stories, Public Health & Insurance, Humor and Volunteer. Very well done. Happy reading!

By the way, thanks so much for your feedback on the poll questions. I'm looking for any and all advice for my cholesterol presentation - whether you're a doc, nurse, patient, or anyone else. Great advice so far! And, I have some things to think about on this BAD idea. Still not sure what to do with that, if anything....


jbwritergirl said...

Hey Doc,

Just tell them to stay away from beef, lettuce and spinach for obvious reasons. I'm sure with all your medical-ease you know all the right things to say. If your heart hurts, see the doc. If anything else hurts...see the doc...and so on! I always try to keep my cholesterol level on par with my I.Q, that way everything is relative. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr A I have no idea of medicine or advise to say. I know more of Art I promise, but at the moment with this champagne hangover I can say its the worse ever.

Susan Miller said...


Check out this article, Doc. Something new from the makers of Listerine!