Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 3.4 is up and rolling over at Emergiblog. Kim, the Queen of Carnivals, has what seems like a HUGE number of links over there today. Grab a BIG cup-o-joe and enjoy! Next week's host is listed as Health Care Law Blog.

Can't get enough of blog carnivals? I know Kim can't because she's hosting Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival in just two days. How does she do that? Sheesh!


I just got back from my talk about cholesterol at the hospital. Thanks to all of you who gave suggestions on what I should say. I definitely used your comments as I prepared this talk. The audience was the cardiac support group. We have a small cardiopulmonary rehab center at the hospital, and the support group makes up the patients in this program.

Tough crowd, let me tell you. Don't get me wrong, not mean or anything like that. They were very well informed and had a lot of good questions about diet, exercise, and medications. I've done these talks before and the most questions are usually about medications.

Before leaving, the staff gave me a bag of caramel corn as a thank you for speaking. Following my earlier post today, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Whom can I re-gift this to?" HA!


The Angry Medic said...

cholesterol? yeah, there's usually a BIG audience for such talks nowadays (geddit geddit? I slay me.)

and a bucket of carbs for a parting gift from a talk on cholesterol? you must have a really witty staff there :)

NeoNurseChic said...

ME! I love caramel corn! ;)

Sounds like the talk went well - glad to hear that. Are you getting a deluge of rain out there like we are in Philadelphia today?

Wanna know what I learned earlier this week when doing my case study? 90-95% of those with primary hypothyroidism also have an elevated total cholesterol and elevated LDL levels. Bet you already knew that, but there's my fun cholesterol fact for the day. My teacher had the nerve to give me a 2.5/3 for that assignment...she said something about not synthesizing the material - some jargon that allowed her to give me a grade like that while leaving me with absolutely no understanding of what I did wrong! Arg....

Anyways - they should have given you some candy corn for Halloween!! ;)

Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

now are you back with us? sigh... work has been keeping you very busy my friend. pass the candy corn. bee