Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogcast 2

Good morning from the left coast! Back by popular demand (or maybe not), this is blogcast number two! It's a little different style and format verses episode one. It's about twelve minutes in length and about fifteen MB in size. Let me know what you think Enjoy! Download DABC2


Anonymous said...

Dr. A.,

I loved this blogcast more than the first one. the first was very good but it was too script. Much better when you just talk about what you are doing rather than reading it...

You have a great talking voice..Very powerful and clear..Some of your words remind me of being a bit more East than where you are. Almost New Yorkish.

I think you and I should both set a date to post self pictures..My family does not like the idea of pictures on the internet, but I'm almost ready to do it anyway. I will if you will?

Keep having a great time and make more blogcasts..,.:)

Just one more thing....Don't forget to bring me home some chocolates. I'll have chololate covered marshmellows please! Just don't tell my Doc. if he is there.

ladybug said...

this was GREAT, doc!
cathy is have a great broadcasting voice!!!

i dont know if i have capabilities, but something happened yesterday, i thought made me want to let ya'll hear my voice. suffice it to say, when people call for my mother, they think i am a child!!! ugh.

san francisco sounds awesome, and i like this tempo and feel of this blogcast way better... it felt more at ease... thanks for taking care of all your fans who adore you!! hehehe

looking forward to the next blogcast! [and i am with cathy - how long you gonna torture us with the no pictures?]

Julie, RN said...

Great blogcast doc. And when it was over, my iTunes rolled into my playlist, which greeted me with "The Long and Winding Road", apropos for SF, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr A great stuff!

Anonymous said...

hi dr a, great post, and we are very glad you are posting while you are gone. you sure had alot of ice cream, huh?

where are the pictures?

and just so you know, i do know what you look like so you might as well just do it. if i can figure out who you are anyone can.

and ladies, he IS cute ...bee

Anonymous said...

I am downloading it now.. definitely downloads a LOT faster!
keeping up the great blogging!