Monday, October 02, 2006


As you know, I like golf. Ok, I admit it, I can't get enough of golf. No, I can't play golf, but I follow it through the year. And, yes, I watched Tiger Woods win his sixth tournament in the last three months yesterday - even though it was on tape delay from England, and even though I already knew the result hours before I watched it on television.

For those of you who don't follow professional golf that much, some would call winning six professional tournaments a decent career. Tiger won six tourament in the last three months and eight tournaments in all for 2006.

The sports press is using words like "domination" and phrases like "Tiger's best year as a professional golfer." But, during the winner's press conference yesterday, he called 2006 a "loss." These are not the words of a professional golfer always striving for perfection in his sport. These are words of a son mourning the loss of his father earlier this year.
"I mean, people asked me that there on the 18th [hole] here, how do you consider this year," [Tiger] said. "I consider it as a loss. In the grand scheme of things, golf, it doesn't even compare to losing a parent."
I admit that sometimes I put the sports superstars that I admire on a pedestal. So much so that I forget that they're people, too. Even though Tiger Woods is the best golfer of my generation, and arguably the best golfer ever, his statement yesterday made me admire him even more. After all the accolades, adulation, and admiration, thanks for reminding me about what's really important in life.


The Curmudgeon said...

It's kind of hard not to like Tiger, isn't it?

But I'm not a golfer. I'm with Mark Twain on this one: "Golf is a good walk spoiled."

And besides -- and you should know this being a doctor and all -- it's a known fact that if you fall asleep watching golf on TV, you'll wake up wearing plaid pants, a white belt, white shoes, and with a strange craving for the music of Lawrence Welk. For heaven's sake, be careful!

Bazza said...

I think this so true, a good point well made, Doc. And I am not at all interested in golf, either playing watching or (worst of all!) talking about it.

Anonymous said...

there is no golf cell in my brain. that means that a number of people tried explaining it to me, but i am still totally clueless about it.
but tiger woods? he is totally different. i can love him, even without knowing anything about golf. i can only hope i will be able to raise a kid like him...not the fame and greatness, but the way he loves and respects his parents.

Irene said...

How come all the good doctors I know are crazy about golf? c",)