Sunday, October 08, 2006

Make it so

So, I was at Christies auction house yesterday checking out all the Star Trek memorabilia. I know I've told Michael C this before, but, hey, I admit to being a Star Trek fan - just don't call me a trekie, HA! For those who may not know, this sci-fi series has been around 40 years. In this article from BBC news, the auction lasted three days and there were over 1000 items sold.

The item getting the biggest sale was a model of the starship enterprise which sold for, get this, 576 thousand dollars! Did I read this right? I mean, it's a model. It doesn't fly. It doesn't orbit the earth. It doesn't come with futuristic space babes. What's the deal? I guess some people are WAY more into Trek than I.

When I was done there, I went over to Bangkok, Thailand to see a guy set a world record. In this article from, it describes a "Thai snake charmer" attempting to set a world record by kissing, yes, that's kissing, 19 poisonous king cobras.
One by one, the cobras were released onto a stage set up in a Thai beach resort town, as snake charmer Khum Chaibuddee kissed each beast and then moved on to the next.

Four additional snake charmers flanked the stage at each corner and a medical team waited on the sidelines with serum in case one of the snakes snapped, said a statement from Thailand's Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, which organized the event.
This sounds strangely familiar, but didn't Mark Foley do the same thing while he was in Congress? Thank you, thank you very much! *running out of the room*


Susan Miller said...

You just had to include the Foley comment, didn't you? I wonder if they'll ever have the most blogs done in a lifetime category. Have a good day, Doc.

jbwritergirl said...

I would consider Foley a snake charmer but I don't believe he ever got to the first kiss...or so they would have us believe. Mmmmmm!


ipanema said...

$57K for a model- what a trekie indeed. Why waste money? Or perhaps they've a lot of spare. :)

Ian said...

Mark Foley preferred snakelets, I hear.


fjl said...

My half sister is a star trek fan, hence my avoiding it like the plague. If they auction off any remnants of that Blakes 7 spaceship however I'll get down there. Sotheby's probably.
RU UK btw?

Julie, RN said...

Ahh.. the weird, wild, wonderful internet.