Friday, March 20, 2009

Show 84 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Trauma Junkie for being a guest on the show. His blog is called "Surviving RT School" - meaning respiratory therapy school. We talked about his passion and interest in respiratory therapy and why he chose that career in the medical field. We also talked about the training process for RT - which I admit I didn't know much about.

We also discussed the blog carnival which he created called "A Source of Inspiration." This carnival highlights respiratory therapy and they have already had one edition that has been posted. The second edition is due at the end of the month with the deadline for blog post submissions is around March 27th.

After the interview, the Rev. RockDog called into the show to talk about his role in last week's Annie and Burl Live show and previewing this week's show. Mother Jones called in to discuss my recent activity on facebook. I encourage you to check out the show in the player above, or you can download the show here. Also check out the video post above. Thanks for your continued support for the show. I appreciate it!