Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Show 82 Preview

The Doctor Anonymous Show is happy to welcome the blogger MudPhudder to the show. Mudphudder is a senior medical student who has a blog of the same name. In addition to the blog, we'll be talking about the upcoming Match Day which will be next week. Match Day, as most of you out there know, is when soon-to-be-graduating medical students learn where they will do their residency.

In addition to checking out the promo video above, I also encourage you to check out the MudPhudder blog. There was an interesting blog post this week talking about the President's overturning previous policy on the use of stem cells:
You know, I’m sure we all understand the moral and ethical ramifications of stem cell research–and every other kind of research we do. Anytime we file an IRB application for human or animal research, we are faced with moral considerations. In the case of stem cell research, religious beliefs have caused substantial controversy. But I think this was a good thing–anytime conversation is stirred up about potentially dangerous or morally questionable research, it’s a good thing. It forces us to think about it and make sure we have the right regulatory steps in place.

But, when the president effectively dictates the cessation of this research then there is no longer any conversation, it is simply the execution of the president’s religious beliefs. It has been an unfortunate situation borne of ignorance and an obstinate belief; and ultimately put us eight years behind in unlocking the potential–or lack thereof (see, I’m open-minded)–of stem cell technology to address numerous human health problems.
So, join us on Thursday, March 12th, 2009 at 9pm Eastern Time for Doctor Anonymous Show 82. It's going to be a great conversation! Finally, thanks to those of you who have checked out Show 81 which was "The Night Show with Dr. A.." I did a little something different with sound bytes and news reports. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!