Friday, October 31, 2008

Show 54 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Symtym for coming on the show 54 (Download show here). I feel bad because he had this great opening planned. But, with the audio/video lag - the effect was lost, and he had to go to a landline and could not use skype from his end. Bummer, I kind of had the grand entrance mapped out in my mind. Oh well, maybe next time. (See video post above)

So, if you didn't know, he shared in his interview as a part of "mid-life crisis," he went and completed law school. And, now, he is awaiting his results after he recently took the bar. A question came up in the chat room if after law school - if he now sees some things differently like documenting in the chart, or privacy issues, or EMTALA issues. Check out the show for his answers.

Thanks to Theresa, Grunt Doc, and the Medical Quack for calling in and talking with Symtym. The show really gets animated about 50 minutes into the show. One of the best parts of the show is this type of interaction - more so than the chat room.

After about the 60 minute mark, Kevin Haynes called into the show. He is a service officer for the American Legion. And, he shared the story of a staff sergeant who is diagnosed with colon cancer. The staff sergeant is younger than I am and has two little girls. The local community has come together to help this family.

What Kevin wanted to do was to thank Grunt Doc and the readers of his blog for the help that they gave this family. The family were planned to go to Disney, but did not have the funds. Kevin sent an e-mail to GruntDoc who subsequently put it on his blog and the family was able to go on vacation.

I was very moved by this story, as well as the people in the chat room. Thanks Kevin for calling into the show and sharing their story. I'm going to try to have Kevin back to follow-up on this story. The organization that helped out is called Christian Youth Corps, Inc. I encourage all my Doctor Anonymous readers not only to read more of their story, but perhaps to share their story on your blog as well - like GruntDoc.

Finally, we had another great Ustream post-show tonight. We mainly talked about the story that Kevin shared. I also announced that I'll be at a conference next week in Dallas. And, that I have four shows in four days next week. What am I, nuts? Just maybe. Have a great weekend and week everybody! Happy Halloween!

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