Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Podcamp Ohio 2

If you read this blog, you know how much I support Podcamp Ohio. They had a great event this past summer. And, from a new media standpoint, I met a lot of people and have forged a lot of great friendships just from that one meeting.

Last week, during Show 52, it was announced that next year's event will be on Saturday, June 20, 2009 and it will take place on the campus of THE Ohio State University. So, if you are anywhere near the buckeye state next summer, you definitely have to try to find the time to come and hang out with me and best people in new media.

I'm still considering putting together a presentation for PC-OH-2 next summer. The problem is that I need to find the time to create some kind of medicine/health related presentation. And, then, find a topic to talk about. Maybe I can put something together for PC-OH-2 and also present the same thing at next year's Blog World Expo during the medicine/health track. We'll see.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on Podcamp Ohio 2, and also The Doctor Anonymous Show is the "unofficial" podcast for PC-OH-2, and I'm very excited about that. We're still thinking of having one "new media" related show a month where we'll talk about Podcamp and other new media stuff. Podcamp Ohio 2: Be There!

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