Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Show 52 Preview

The Doctor Anonymous Show is happy to welcome Podcamp Pittsburgh to show number 52. (see video post above) Scheduled to appear is Justin who is a co-organizer for the event which is this weekend. Their schedule looks fabulous and their sponsor list looks impressive.

Also, since this is the "unofficial" podcast of Podcamp Ohio 2009, we hope to have an update on the current plans for the PCOH event. There have been recent discussions on their Google discussion group on possible dates and locations. I hope to have some news for you on that front.

In addition to all of that, who knows what else we'll talk about. I may give an update on the Emergiblog poll for the proposed medical/health blogging track for Blog World Expo 2009. I'm also excited about our upcoming guests for the next few weeks. Finally, I'll be going to a meeting at the beginning of November and planning to do some shows from there. How exciting is that? See you for this week's show!

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