Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bestest blog carnival

Yes, that's right. The theme for the Bestest Blog carnival is Valentine's Day. Who better to host this week than Cathy who is still trying to dig out of her house even in the midst of the snowstorm still going on! Thanks for including my submit.
Dr. A. gives a unique take on SEXY. Do you think "sweat" is sexy? Does it turn ya on? Well, apparently some people think so. Read Dr. A.s post, "Sweat as an Aphrodisiac" and don't forget the colorful comment section.
In case you don't know, a blog carnival is a bunch of posts, written by different authors, brought together by a host/hostess. Sometimes there is a theme to the carnival and sometimes there is not. But, there is always great writing in blog carnivals like this one.

Mine was kind of a light hearted post. But, there are many touching stories in the carnival this week. I would encourage you to check it out. The Bestest Blog of All Time sponsors this carnival.


Abigail S said...

Isn't Cathy just the bestest! I'm glad she had the time to make such a wonderful post. I loved what she said about yours! I'll def. check it out!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the link Dr. A.