Friday, January 07, 2011

Ragan’s HealthCare Marketing & Communications News

I'm happy to announce (in the video above) that I have been asked to be a contributor to the Healthcare Marketing and Communications Newsletter from Ragan Communications. Thanks to Jessica Levco, the Editor of the newsletter, for the invite. I met her when attending the 2010 Swedish Health Care Symposium. In the newsletter, I will be summarizing stories that I read in my own unique style. If you have never checked out the newsletter before, I strongly encourage you to check it out - especially if you are involved at all in the medicine, healthcare, social media, and marketing industry.

I would also like to welcome those of you who have clicked on over from the newsletter to check out my blog. As you can see, I dabble in a lot of areas of social media including blogging, a live internet radio show, you tube video, twitter, facebook, linked-in, and other stuff. I also invite you to check out my interview from Medical Economics from December 2010. Thanks for stopping by!


Gary M. Levin said...

Another hour of fame !! Rah Rah and congrats from Health Train as well. (When do you have time to see patients?)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're doing great! But health care at home is beginning to fall apart. Under Obama's new health care plan, things are just going to g et worse! I urge you and all readers to take action and tell your Congresspersons and Senators that these false promises HAVE to stop ... go to to make your voice heard!