Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alzheimer's #MDChat: My Thoughts

It's no secret that I wasn't a fan of MDChat 1.0 when it first came on the scene. (Feel free to read my initial review here.) But last night, I saw a tweet out there saying that the Jan 25, 2011 #MDChat would be devoted to Alzheimer's disease including an interview with a couple of people with the diagnosis. This idea intrigued me.

I know that this wasn't the first time someone was ever interviewed via twitter. But, I wanted to see with my own eyes how this would play out in real time. Even though I was on call tonight, I caught some bits and pieces of the interview live. And, I also reviewed the twitter stream and transcript.

Not only were the stories amazing, but something else I was pleasantly surprised by was that the participants in the "chat" - they didn't chat at all (for the most part) until the Q&A portion of the hour. They respected the instructions and did not cloud up the #MDChat hashtag.

So, I know I was harsh on the first go-around. But, this time, I applaud Phil and this innovative edition of #MDChat. Thanks to Gwen & Libby for sharing their stories. And, thanks to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine along with the Alzheimer's Association for their participation in the chat. Well done all around!

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PhilBaumann said...

Thank, Mike

Appreciate your feedback - that's very important, especially since I felt it was important to give Libby and Gwen an intimately ambient setting to be heard.

I hope we'll see more of these chats.

I will definitely take a look back on the chat and see what other things can be done for future ones.