Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Medical Social Media Awards

With last weekend's golden globe awards and miss american pagent, not only is it award season for actors and beauty queens, it's also award season for medicine and social media. Last week, I put out this tweet reminiscing about how I miss that the medblog awards were no longer going on - or, at least that what I thought. Just a few minutes later on twitter, I got a message back stating that the awards were just going to be announced.

Yesterday, Medgadget announced on their website the 2010 Medblog Awards sponsored by epocrates and lenovo (pretty impressive sponsors). There will be seven categories that will be recognized. The nomination process seems like a quicker timeline, in that nominations close in a few days this coming weekend. I was lucky enough to be nominated way back in 2006 in the new medblog category. The very popular (and infamous) Dr. Flea blog won that year.

The other award that I wanted to share with you is the shorty twitter awards. It's kind of funny because I really pushed to win my category a few years ago during the first year of the award. Another competitor in the same category really came after me and eventually won the category. Also, if you look at this year's site, the category of health is not even what they call a "major" category. Oh well.

For most other people writing this type of post, this is where they ask you to nominate them. Me? Well, I'm asking you NOT to nominate me for these awards. Am I still bitter about what happened before? Maybe. But, I know that there are a lot of other better bloggers and "twitterers" out there. I used to really get caught up in this stuff. Not anymore.

It's just more interesting for me to monitor twitter and facebook as people post things like "If you nominate mine, I'll nominate yours." Or, "If you vote for mine, I'll vote for yours." The politicking and the gamesmanship that will occur over the next few weeks - that's is what I look forward to every year....

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