Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Social Health Panel at #Swedish100

I was very happy to he a part of the Pre-conference session of the 2010 Swedish Medical Center Health Care Symposium. Definitely felt a little intimidated being on a panel with a group of medical social media superstars (that probably shows in the video above - sheesh)

Our moderator, Nick Dawson, did a fabulous job at keeping us on track. As you'll see in the video above from our panel, he did a great thing in which he asked the audience if they had any questions. I think those opening thoughts really guided the panel in our discussion. Nick also asked about the composition of the audience. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of physicians in the audience.

The other panelists included Kent Bottles, Jen Dyer, and Bryan Vartabedian. Some themes that came out of the discussion were the issues that physicians are concerned about - Payment reform for electronic communications, Patient privacy concerns, and Liability issues. Another interesting theme that came out was showing a lot of love for twitter. If you had any question about how physicians utilize twitter for social media consumption - You must watch the video above!

In addition to our panel, there were presentations by Dave deBronkart and Wendy Sue Swanson. (As of this posting, EPatient Dave's talk is available, but SeattleMamaDoc is not - yet) I was also able to meet a lot of great people including Bill Thatcher, Greg Guenther, and Anita Beninger. I was even interviewed by Jessica Levco from Ragan Communuications. I'll post that interview here when it is made available.

I'd like to thank the Swedish team including Dana Lewis, Melissa Tizon, Aaron Blank, and a lot of other people that I am forgetting. If you'd like to check out the twitter stream, you can check out #swedish100. (In the video below, you'll see my attempt of recording a Q&A of a question about patient involvement with their care)

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