Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Medicine Television

Look out Chronicles of EMS (hehe) and all other health care fields looking to break into Hollywood, Dr. Doug Farrago is trying to take a bite out of Hollywood. In the video above, you'll see his pitch to try to get Family Medicine and Primary Care to the small screen. It's a kind of "day in the life" type of snap shot of how he balances his professional life and personal life.

Dr. Doug uses humor very well in his parodies and biting humor. He has a magazine and a blog of the same name called "Placebo Journal." He also has a very entertaining You Tube channel which is the extension of his magazine and blog. I know this first hand because he was gracious enough to come on Doctor Anonymous Show 26 all the way back in February 2008.

You can listen by clicking here for Dr. A Show 26 with Dr. Doug. Or, if you like, you can go to the show's iTunes page, download the show, and listen at your leisure. Don't forget also to check out the facebook page for the show and the you tube page for the show. Enjoy!

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COPD symptoms said...

I think the audience is sophisticated enough for a show like this. Look at all the people who read these blogs. It would be nice to have a credible source of info (from a GP standpoint). I think it would help people realize that not everyone in healthcare is a bad guy or is someone who has "gone hollywood".