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Dr. A Show 178: NEOUCOM Name Change

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Saturday, August 14th, 2010 at 8pm Eastern Time

Hope you can join me live on Saturday night for Doctor Anonymous Show 178 where we will be talking about something that is controversial among some of the alumni of the school that will be formerly known as the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. My guest will be a alum who has been vocal in the local newspapers about this topic.

If you would like to know my stance on this topic, I encourage you to check out my prior posts called "NEOUCOM to NEOMU: Why It Matters" and "NEOUCOM to NEOMU: The Response." And, the way I'm thinking right now, this show may be the last that I have to say on this topic...

The blog posts and the upcoming show has elicited some comments from alumni. I cannot post all of them, since it will take up the entire page. But, I share two comments below and they asked that their name not be used:

1. My point is the credibility of the school.... [W]hen I first graduated and was interviewing around the country, most people either didn't know the school or asked if it was the one stuck in the middle of corn field in Ohio. Over recent years it has slowly gained notoriety and for those of us out there, trying to compete on a national level, it is gaining recognition. While the name is cumbersome, it is currently memorable. Changing the name, in my opinion will negatively affect the image of the school on a national level. It will never be Harvard or Hopkins, but the last thing the school wants is to perpetuate it as a "joke" school. Feel free to use any of that in your radio show...

2. As a proud graduate of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine I would have considered attending the inauguration of the new president. However, since he has seen it his mission to abolish the existence of the school that I attended by taking the step to change the name. I will NOT support nor attend his inauguration. I will also not be making any contributions to the school, as my school apparently no longer exists. I will continue to fight this change via communication and discussion with our Ohio legislation.

Addendum: I encourage you to check out my five part series on this topic including "Why It Matters," "The Response," "Name Change," "The Podcast", and "Show 185 Wrap-Up."

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