Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dr. A Show 177 Preview

Student month continues on The Doctor Anonymous Show. This week, I'm happy to welcome Mohammad Arfeen is a pre-medical student at Benedictine University in Illinois. His twitter ID is @InsaneMo and is a contributor to the PreMedHell Blog. He is also a chapter president for the American Medical Student Association. On the Pre Med Hell blog, here is an interesting excerpt from a post called "Motivation And Focus:"
I've received a decent number of requests about writing a post with study tips that I have found helpful. I’ve thought long and hard about what to write as the subject is so large, and there are various tips that help with different subjects. I’ve decided that instead of writing this post about studying tips, I’ll begin by writing a post about two things that you need to succeed in any subject. I’m sitting here in my regular coffee shop, trying to study for the MCAT, realizing that these are two things that most people forget about when complaining about how they aren’t doing well in a subject.

What are these two crucial elements you ask? They are motivation and focus, without both you are like a boat lost in the ocean without any power. You are fighting an uphill battle, if you are trying to master a subject without plenty of both. The best analogy I’ve ever heard about this is any subject is like an ocean, there are many ways you can cross it and many places you can end up at; focus gives you a target and a place to land, motivation is what keeps you going forward instead of going out a couple hundred feet and giving up.
Some thing that just happened this week is that InsaneMo announced some changes in his social media presence following his appearance in the show. The full post called "Changing Directions" is on his personal site. We'll talk about this and a lot more for Doctor Anonymous Show 177 which will be Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 9pm Eastern Time on Hope to see you for the show! (Don't forget to check out the video above talking about this week's show)

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