Monday, August 09, 2010

Dr. A Show 176 Wrap-up: Erin Breedlove

Thanks again to Erin Breedlove who was my guest on Doctor Anonymous Show 176. She shared her inspiring story of her dream to become a doctor. She is a pre-medical student right now, but she also has the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy which, she states, is not stopping her from achieving her goal.

What you'll see below is a series of three video segments that were recorded during the show. The first video is her story of how the idea of going to medical school came up in the first place. I also encourage you to read her blog post on this as well. In the second video, we talk about some of her social media projects, and also some cool opportunities that have come out of her involvement in social media. Finally, in the last video posted, she gives advice to those who are inspired by her story.

You can listen to the entire audio podcast in the player at the bottom of this post. You can also download this show along with other Doctor Anonymous shows by clicking to go to the iTunes page for the show. Don't forget to "like" the show over on our facebook page. And, finally, check out the most current show schedule (and we have some good shows coming up this month) over at Have a great week everybody!

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